Welcome to the Koala page

Staff working with childern in the Koala room of Greendyke Children Early Years Centre will post interesting material relating to your childs learning and development activities on this page. Please visit frequently for learning activity ideas, or just to see what is happening in the Koala room.

The children have been exploring their new playroom and all the different activities on offer, in particular messy play.

In the outdoor area we are enjoying exploring the woodland area, climbing frames and planting new herbs.

We would like to welcome all the children who have started with us in the Koala room. Also a big hello to Alex and Iana, two new staff members, who have recently started with us, you may have seen them in the garden having lots of fun.

All the children are settling well and exploring all areas of both the playroom and garden, especially getting messy in the mud kitchen.

Due to being outside in the changing weather, we would appreciate if parents could supply a change of clothing in case of emergencies. Although we do our best to keep the children dry, by providing suitable outdoor clothing, its difficult to plan for every occasion.

koala comic

Messy play at home

Messy doesn’t always have to mean paint, sticky, slimy…it can be as simple as water play experiences. Either in the sink, the bath or a basin on the kitchen floor or over some towels!

Here are some simple ideas to promote language, numeracy, science and exploration at home

  • Ice cubes- sensory experiences, and “what makes it melt?” (science)
  • Include funnels, pans, whisks and kitchen utensils, and role play! (literacy)
  • reuse old drinks bottles and pop some holes in for pouring and measuring (numeracy)
  • Wash vegetables- help to prepare meals will give a sense of achievement!
  • Floating and sinking- rocks/sticks, metal cutlery/plastic balls. (numeracy)
  • Make tin foil boats! Watch them float or sink. Use a straw to bow and race them!
  • Sprinkle pepper on the water, then add floating bar soap. (science)
  • Experiment with varying the amounts of water and air inside zippered sandwich storage bags.
  • Add nature from the garden to make potions and creations!
  • Add dolls, sponges and soap- practice washing.
  • Sponges, brushes and washing liquid- do the dishes!

Easy things to add to water to make it fun

From the kitchen-

Slotted spoon, sieve/strainer, funnels, margarine tubs, whisk, measuring cups, spoons (wooden), tongs, scrap lids, rubber gloves, ice lolly sticks, squeeze bottles, corks, scoops, washing up liquid, foil balls.

From the toy box-

Animal/plastic figures, ball pool balls, containers/tubs, stacking cups, dolls.

From outdoors-

Leaves, sticks, stones, flowers/petals, grass cuttings.