Welcome to the Bambi page

Staff working with childern in the Bambi room of Greendyke Children Early Years Centre will post interesting material relating to your childs learning and development activities on this page. Please visit frequently for learning activity ideas, or just to see what is happening in the Bambi room.

Bambi room activities

We have been busy welcoming and settling our new children. It has been lovely to meet all the new families. We have also welcomed back our children who had a break over the summer. We have been enjoying sunny weather and the children loved our new water fountain in the garden. We have had nice walks to nearby Hawkhill Woods and Little France Park. The children enjoyed exploring nature and brought some flowers back to the nursery.

Here is a list of activities from the Bambi room staff.

Making a treasure basket – using an old shoes box, large Tupperware box, bag.

Empty toilet roll tubes, keys, wooden pegs, empty yogurt tubs, empty Pringle tubs, empty plastic bottles, wooden spoons, plastic spoons, empty foil or plastic food trays, little Tupperware boxes, smallempty gift bags, material, dish towels, sponges, small clean hair brushes, nail brush.

Collecting on a walk – sticks, stones, flowers, leaves, daisys.

Using stones or painted stones for counting with the children. Or using them for number songs:

  • 5 speckled frogs
  • 5 current buns

Gluck – mix corn flower and water

Shaving foam play – on tablet or in a plastic tray

10 in the bed – get 10 toys could be cuddly toys, babies, dolls, cars anything the children like. Lay them on the pillow and sing song there was 10 in the bed and the little one said roll over roll over then they all rolled over and 1 fell out knocking one of the toys off the bed.

Painting – hand / finger painting

Messy play – jelly/ spaghetti play

Baking – make chocolate crispys

Bear Hunt – going on a bear hunt through the house

Box play – collect empty food boxes- cereal boxes, pringle tubs, yogurt containers. This can be used for younger children to explore and older children to play shops with.

Scavenger Hunt – go on a scavenger hunt in the house or outdoors

Linda had an idea for scavenger hunt. So basically find objects around your house take photos of each object on your phone then one at a time show your child the photos and see if they recognise them and the area of the house they are hiding. And get them to go find them.

You can make it harder by taking the photo at a different angle.     Enjoy!

Ideas for house : 

  • find me something with wheels on it
  • Find me something that makes noise
  • Find me something you wear
  • Find me something you use to brush your teeth
  • Find me 2 matching socks
  • Find me a pair of pants

Please go to our video gallery for more fun things to do.